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Want to organize an ultimate party or wedding?

On this website you will find all the information you need for your unforgettable event. Here are a few general recommendations to get you started!

Start organizing your event by writing a plan of action. This will help keep you from forgetting or overlooking things.

Also: give some thought to what you want to achieve with your party. Describe the objective of the party that you are organizing as comprehensive as possible. This will make filling in the following parts of your plan much easier.

The third step is to consider what form your party or event should get. When thinking up activities keep the party objective and target audience in mind.


It is wise to involve others in these steps. By talking to others or by brainstorming together original ideas can pop up. Keep a list of all the ideas you come up with during the process.

An important part of the plan is the time schedule of your party. Determine what needs to be done to organize the party. Take notes about who's going to do what and when it should be done. When organizing the party together with other people, make sure everyone knows their role. The planning does not stop when the party starts. Assign someone who is responsible for the planning during the party. And keep in mind that afterwards people are needed for cleaning up!

Finally: of course you want a lot of people attending your party after all the effort you have done to organize it. Therefore you should let the audience know early that there is a celebration!